Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack!

Jack's actual birthday (January 6 or 'Janjuary 6' according to him) was a pretty low key affair. Everybody but him was at least a little sick (Mama and Lola were a lot sick, Papaw just got out of the hospital, plus it was the middle of the week), so we couldn't do much more than a few hurriedly wrapped matchbox cars and a recipe for "Emergency Chocolate Cake" from America's Test Kitchen. I thought the recipe name was pretty apt given our recent run of bad luck on the health front. Interestingly, it has mayonaise in it rather than butter and eggs.

We hope to have a bit more of a festive occasion this weekend, but Jack seemed to really appreciate what little we did do to celebrate his birthday so far.


Megan said...

I love the sweet look on his face with the ever so hopeful Obama sticker in the background! Yay for Jan. 6th and for Jan. 20th!

ann said...

Hope you played him my gorgeous rendition of 'Happy Birthday' on your answering machine....tell the truth...did you delete my horrible voice? :-)