Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Again Jack!

We are all finally over the various ailments that assailed us, so Papaw and Mae Mae came over to more officially celebrate Jack's Big 3 point 0. Mama's addiction to Food Network shows in Jack's birthday cake, a tribute to his LOVE of monster trucks. The boy was well pleased, but hesitant to let us eat it. Eventually, though, he was happy to pull off a tire (in reality a Hostess DingDong) and chow down.

Happy Birthday, Big Jack! We love you, Kiddo!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Freeman Gives Jack a Run for his Money

I just saw a Christmas Pic that Aunt Katie snapped of Freeman. I'm not so sure that Jack retains the title of Cutest Basham Chamblee Boy in a Christmas Pic. What do you think?

Happy Birthday Jack!

Jack's actual birthday (January 6 or 'Janjuary 6' according to him) was a pretty low key affair. Everybody but him was at least a little sick (Mama and Lola were a lot sick, Papaw just got out of the hospital, plus it was the middle of the week), so we couldn't do much more than a few hurriedly wrapped matchbox cars and a recipe for "Emergency Chocolate Cake" from America's Test Kitchen. I thought the recipe name was pretty apt given our recent run of bad luck on the health front. Interestingly, it has mayonaise in it rather than butter and eggs.

We hope to have a bit more of a festive occasion this weekend, but Jack seemed to really appreciate what little we did do to celebrate his birthday so far.

Best Christmas Pic

The award goes to Jack, at least based on the few pics that were actually taken by our camera. We were insanely busy with travel and kid juggling and baking baking baking and then Jack got pneumonia and then the rest of us got sick too. Unfortunately, we kept forgetting to take pictures. I know that Uncle Tony and Aunt Katie snapped a few so maybe they'll submit another nomination. After finally reviewing the Christmas time pics on our camera Mama votes for this one of Jack helping us decorate the Christmas tree before the craziness of the holidays really began. I love the look on his face. Almost every night since the tree went up he has spent at least a few minutes on the couch with Mama and/or Daddy just gazing at the tree. It was a real sanity-saver when he was so needy with the pneumonia and restless with the prednisone.

This is my favorite recent pic of Freeman. With the shirt from Maemae, the leggings from Aunt Kathy, and Jack's old sock rattles, he looks like a lot of his toys. This shot reminds me of the Where's Waldo books.