Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Jack's hearing is so much more keen than ours that he sometimes seems to have a Radar O'Reilly-ish sixth sense. He'll say, "I hear a bus." Many minutes later, long past your deciding that he's said just another random Jack-ism, a school bus will drive by.

And then there was the time when we were getting ready to leave a parking lot and he remarked, "I see dogs drivin' a red truckkkk." We began to playfully dismiss his comment, but then we looked at the next spot over. Of course, there was a red truck with two dogs in the cab, one in the passenger's seat and one in the driver's. So yeah...dogs drivin' a red truck.

Last night, he paused at his play, and said, "I hear a fire-mom." It took a moment to realize that he was referring to a fire alarm, and not one in our house. We never figured out if he was being random or if there really was some beeping somewhere far away that only he and the cats could hear.

I fancy that Fire-Mom might be my cool super hero alter ego if I were to have one.

Now if we could just figure out what in the world he means when he runs around the house squealing, "Its-a-big-o-bawa!"

Jack hits the big 2.0

Mama made a German Chocolate cake for this year's festivities. Our stove is a little off-level so the layers came out a bit crooked. Nevertheless, the cake may have had the best texture of any made in the B-C household in recent memory. Thanks Cindi for the recipe! Jack's grinning commentary: "There's caaaaake." Hard to believe how grown up he's starting to look...

At our several Christmas celebrations, Jack was fairly inundated with presents. We kept his birthday small in scale. One of his favorite new acquisitions was a motorcycle....

Jack was also gifted with JJ, the doll that Daddy had when he was a little boy. Jack has shown a remarkable amount of affection for JJ, even going so far as to share some of his toy cars and trains with him. (We haven't seen him do as much with a live kid. We theorize that he recognizes all of his own gotta-look-out-for-number-one tendencies in other young children so he refuses to try very hard at collaborative play.)

This weekend we'll have to get pictures of him in the kiddie coup from Aunt Melanie.