Thursday, March 27, 2008

Four Generations

A family Easter pic...

Easter at Nana's

Highlights of Easter at Nana's house included

The hunt...

MORE bubble fun...
We weren't sure who was into the bubbles more...Nana or Jack?
He pretty quickly figured out how to use the giant bubble wand, but it was pretty cute when he tried to use it to blow bubbles the regular way.

Jack also thoroughly enjoyed 'playing go' with Papaw. This was somewhere around their 80th lap.

The Egg Drop

On Easter Eve, we took Jack to the Y here in Athens where a helicopter dropped several thousand plastic eggs on throngs of children. Jack was too young to participate, but we went anyway so that he could see a real helicopter somewhat close. We had to wait in line for an hour. (Because some of the prizes included Wii's and the like, hundreds more people than anticipated showed up.) It was worth it, though. He got a real kick out of seeing the helicopter.

The Sleepiest Baby in the World

Seriously, tell me you can get through this clip without yawning. With no nap and a late bath today, the kid was more than a little spent.

And below, we conclude with a sweet scene with Daddy...

Big Brother Practice

An alternate title of this clip could be 'We Trade Life Lessons'.

They pray before every meal at school, and he has recently moved beyond jumping in at only the Amen. I like how saying 'wise', reminded him suddenly of rice, another food of which he is inordinately fond. (Or could he be saying, 'God is rice'?...certainly a possibility. When he sings the song to Elmo's World, he says, 'La La La La, Elmo's Squirrel.')

His little blue friend, by the way, is a prize he won at the Hancock County Fair when he was 6 months old. It is affectionately known as Alien Baby.

Spaghetti Bath Time

He ate 3 bowls of spaghetti and meatballs tonight...the kid has a serious passion.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

MY Bubbles, MY Basket, MY pjs

I guess it goes with the age. For a few months Jack designated everything by its appropriate noun and by its color. Now everything is emphatically possessed. MY mama's sooz (shoes). MY red daddy's car. MY waffle.

Here is more bubble play...something we've been into in the afternoons.

He's really gotten into imaginative play, as well. A few months ago it wouldn't have made sense to him to put together blocks and pretend it was Papaw's car or merely to pretend to enter a tiny house made of blocks (in lieu of actually entering and crushing it in the process.) Now it does, and it's pretty amazing to watch a kid make that mental leap. I remember his friend E doing it when she visited last summer (she's seven months older), and I couldn't imagine Jack starting to do it himself anytime soon.

I asked Jack what he was doing when I took the pictures below. He said, taking a bubble bath making noodles. At other times, he runs around with the blue basket on his head saying that he is a robot. Maybe the caption on his PJs says it best. Thanks Aunt Katie for the cute sleepwear!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Zoo Atlanta

We had a little family day at Zoo Atlanta this weekend. If Baby Layne moves down to Atlanta soon, maybe she can join us there sometime.

It's a nicely sized zoo; a toddler can walk almost the whole thing (with snack breaks), but it's not so small that anyone feels like there's something missing from a visit.
Jack likes the 'mingos' right after you enter the park. The first time I brought him to Zoo Atlanta, he refused to leave the flamingos, apparently believing that they were the one and only attraction.

If asked, Jack will say, 'Elephant says RAAAAARRR! Lion says raya.' He whispers what the lion says. You should see his gorilla imitation. It includes chest thumping.

Giraffes, of course, are another zoo favorite.

They had a little kiddie dance party going on at the zoo that included a bubble machine. Big hit with the The Boy.

Of course, the train rated highly, too.

As did the carousel.

I know we are always saying that Jack is a very sweetly disposed little boy. Yes, he's quick to smile and laugh, but he certainly has his share of not-so-sweet moments, too. Here we are getting ready leave after a full day. He's knows better than to throw himself face first into the concrete. He's a bigger fan of going limp and screeching. When he pulls this stuff, I usually ask, 'Would you like to thank the Academy (for best drama performance)?'