Friday, July 6, 2007

On your mark...

I just couldn't decide which of the videos that Kristian took was cuter so they are both going up, as well as one of the pics he took. These movies aren't compressed, so don't try them if you don't have a high speed connection.

Mamas and Babies

We all missed our recent ten year college reunion, but I think we got something much better. I just can't believe these are our lives now.

Ten years ago we lived in a small dorm. It was half the price of the other dorms on campus because it was the only one on the academic side of Broadway, and it should probably have been condemned. But it was a home where we each had our own rooms as well as all the intellectual and emotional space we needed to be ourselves. And everything was in front us and exciting.

Now we are moms and professionals. You should see all of us yawning by the early afternoon everyday. And we could talk for hours about breast pumps.

Despite the darkening circles under my eyes, somehow I am even more of a wide-eyed optimist than I was back then. I don't know exactly what else I will have been in my life before the song ends, but I feel safe knowing that I've got great friends and family with whom to share what's to come.

Having picked up a few more PRACTICAL SKILLS doesn't hurt either...

Winken, Blinken, and Nod

Mama's friends from her Transy days came with their families for a little reunion last weekend at Reynold's Plantation. The munchkins enjoyed a little bath time together in a shmancy clawfoot tub. Pictured are Elsa (just turned 2), Ella (coming up on 20 months) and Jack (18 months today).

Sure wish Ella's older brother Pierce could have been there, but we hear he was enjoying 'all the parts' of a water slide at Vacation Bible School. We also missed little Daniel. He just turned a year old, and we imagine that he might have taken his first run before his first walk in order to keep up with this bunch. We hope he and his mama and papa can join us next time. We look forward to Annabelle and her folks coming, too. It'll be like clown car bathtub.