Sunday, February 25, 2007

Taking up the Veil

For Christmas Aunt Mimi and Uncle David gave Jack a little music kit that came with this red scarf. We made many a joke that day about how the scarf only seemed to have a place in the rainbow-themed kit if the kit were meant to turn little Jack into a musical drag queen.

Jack never paid much attention to the scarf until tonight when he re-discovered it in his toy basket and insisted on running up and down the hallway squealing with delight. It just happened to be a night when we had him in his pink cloth diaper cover.
(His fashionable Papaw wears manly pink button downs, so we figured we shouldn't care that a quality diaper cover at a clearance price only came in pink.)

We just love the boy, so even if he insists on red scarves and pink underwear for the rest of his life, it will not bother us as long as he remains the beautiful, happy little soul that he is.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Little Boy, Big Noggin

Click the image to see a Quicktime video of Jack walking a week or two after he became a toddler (you will note that this was before his haircut).

Every night before his bath, we have Naked Baby Playtime at the Basham Chamblee home (the last hurrah before he goes Night Night). Jack runs around in his underwear like a maniac while we chase him. Usually he gets a lot crazier (and far more giggly) than shown in this video, but it's still pretty illustrative of the cute and happy kid that is Jack.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Jack the Artist

Mama helped Jack make this Valentine for Daddy, featuring Sweet Pea's first ever artwork.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Lately Jack often entertains himself (and us) by wiggling his fingers against his lip to make the cutest little bbbbbbb... noise.

So if you are ever stuck at Logan International Airport...

...check out the Kidport near the A-gates. Jack especially loved the kiddie airplane.

Remember that bundled up kid in a Christmas Story?

Jack didn't really get to play in the New England snow. He and Daniel napped through when it was fluffy and pretty. By the next day, what looked like snow was really a sheet of ice. We borrowed Daniel's snowsuit, took the requisite picture, and then went back inside where it was warm.

Jack's like Daddy, though. He loves the cold.

Mamas and Babies

Mama and Jack had a great time in Salem, MA, with Auntie Kim, Uncle Pedro, and little Daniel. Jack got a little jealous whenever Mama cuddled Daniel, so he made sure to demand lots of short bouts of nursing. He seemed to think he should assert himself as the master and commander of Mama's love (and her bosom).

Yes, in the first shot he is about to smack Danielito in the back of the head. Thankfully, his smack doesn't pack much punch.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jack Stomps the Yard

On both Saturday and Sunday we went to the playground near our house. We haven't gone there since before Jack officially became a toddler, so it was great fun to see him really hit the ground running. Jack plays fleeting favorites. For a little while, the slide is all he can think about. Then the tunnel. Then the bouncy bridge. Then the woodchips. He wasn't all that jazzed about the sandbox.

I'm not a huge Disney fan, but the Nemo hat sure doesn't hurt his looks. It has little fins and a tail.

This week Mama and Jack are off to Salem, MA, to see Aunt Kim and little Daniel. When we get back I'll post some pics of our little jaunt to the cold, cold Northeast.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

At The Rocket Salon

At this stage, what we think is that dear Jack has inherited some of our curiosity. What we know is that he has inherited our capacity to grow hair. In fact, Grasshopper may have surpassed his elders, for he can excrete keratin like it's an Olympic sport. Mama presents a coiffure progression beginning from a few weeks before his birth to recent weeks when we became fond of the o-ichou, i.e. a sumo wrestler(ish) topknot.

On Friday we took him to The Rocket Salon here in Athens. Sure, we could have gotten his first tattoo but after some thought we opted for a first haircut instead. We did have to break out the Cheerios before it was over, but he was mostly an angel throughout. Now a Cheerio tattoo, there's a thought...(surprisingly, we could not find a link to a cheerio tattoo on the web).

Mama and Daddy kinda miss Sweet Pea's long and lovely locks. Mama won't claim that she heard the not-entirely-welcome sound of infancy's end as every snip fell to the floor. But she will say that she wishes he didn't have to grow up quite so fast.

Mamas, why do we have to let our babies grow up to be grown ups...?

ps. Click on the individual pics to enlarge.