Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Like Father Like Son

So Jack has been trying to pick up one of Daddy's super powers. The little guy is getting quite good, don't you think?...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Papaw Basham

Jack (and his mama and daddy) send their best wishes from the depths of the tupperware cabinet. We hope you had a great one!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hiking at Sandy Creek

We all share a love for being outside, so the three of us went to a local nature preserve that's very toddler-friendly. Check out Daddy's very cool JackPack.

Jack's Ipod

Jack's been very into the Glow Worm that Papaw Basham and Sunshine gave him for Christmas.

In addition to dancing, he's been working on spinning himself around and walking backwards. Footage to come soon, if we can catch him.

Easter - The Directors' Cut

Here's a Quicktime video of the Easter Egg Hunt for your viewing pleasure.

On Easter Sunday just about all the Chamblees and Cleggs in the region came over for a very festive dinner. We haven't had that many people in the house ever. We can't say how wonderful it feels to live near family again...our era in the desert had its good points, but the holidays often made us lonely for the Southeast. (Unfortunately, we forgot to get out the camera for a family picture.)

Monday, April 9, 2007

The Hunt

Like most kids his age, Jack doesn't quite 'get' hunting for Easter Eggs. We put him on the ground, and the first thing he did was start grabbing at leaves. After a little coaching, he became interested in the eggs. He repeatedly picked up and threw down the same one, each time proclaiming, 'Ball'. Eventually, YoNanaMamaw did succeed in getting him to place a couple in his Easter Basket. Then he seemed to wonder why we were lingering outside when it was so bitterly cold.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Just Add Water

Ordinarily, Jack is the gentle, contemplative type. If you were to observe Outdoors Time at daycare, you would see that he's the kid who quietly examines leaves and wood chips while the other kids play chase. Or, you might see him in the arms of one of his teachers pointing out all the trees to her. Or, you might see the little guy tagging along behind a wise-beyond-her-years 3-year-old who has taken him under her nurturing wing.

But put Kiddo in the water, and something happens...

Yesterday, Mama and Jack started swim lessons at the local Y. It's a class for wee ones, aged roughly 6 months to two-and-a-half. Mama always expects Jack to be the slightly shy one in a crowd of kids. Not so in the water.

It quickly became apparent that he is to be the class hellion. He's not bad, mind you, but his excitement quickly unnerves the other moms and babies. They are trying to ease ever so gently into the experience. Sea Monkey has decided that shall not be his way. He wants to flail and splash and squeal and wiggle with all his might into the experience.

After mere minutes, Mama was tired. Holding him in the water is like holding a sea otter on speed.

If, based on this photo, you are wondering how bad Mama can look on film, it gets worse. It's hard to keep both eyes open when the water is flying.

The Goose Egg

So all three of us had a stomach virus for a few days. Poor Jack was the first to get it and the last to be done with it.

On Tuesday night he had his first burst of normal play energy. A rousing game of chase ensued. Sweet Pea was running down the hall in hot pursuit of Mama when he smacked into one of the door mouldings.

It was quickly clear to us that Jack was okay, so of course we decided to immortalize the resulting goose egg, which took less than a minute to spring forth from his noggin. We couldn't get a good profile shot for you to appreciate just how big this thing got. Kids' heads are amazing. We applied a little arnica gel and a few minutes of ice. Twenty-five minutes later it was already nearly flat and fading.