Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We are frequently driving home when NPR's News and Notes is on the radio. Yesterday Jack heard talk about Barack Obama. He has no idea who (or what) that is. His contribution to the political discussion: "I like Barack-oli."

Sometimes Jack can be difficult with his toddler mood swings, but sometimes he completely cracks us up. This picture is from this morning. He kept saying, "This is a very nice hat I'm wearing me." His 'hat' is one of the Lincoln Logs tubs from his daddy's youth. He was pretty unconcerned about not being able to see where he was going.

Two Months Old

Big Bit continues to chunkify. He's become quick to grin, though I didn't get that in these pics.

Favorite pastimes include boobs, pushing himself to a standing position in our laps, and laughing when Mama yawns (which is quite frequently). He also finds the mobile over his crib pretty entertaining.

Building and Growing

...Or 'If I had a hammer'.

Daddy took Jack to one of those little Saturday kids workshops at Lowe's.

One upon a time when Melanie Glover and I were chemistry lab partners, we would pass the time making each other laugh by saying "I'm crazy goggle head...Give me some candy!" You really had to be there.

But you didn't have to be there to appreciate how cute Jack looks...


I still have to take good daylight pics of the boys in their costumes, but for now I'll hurriedly post the pics we did get. (Is there anything I don't do hurriedly now?)

Jack wore the clown outfit that Daddy wore when he was about that age. Mae Mae sewed that one and a new one for little Freeman. They sure were a cute pair!

Freeman pretty much slept through Halloween, but Jack had a lot of fun. We went to a nearby carnival where Jack didn't much get into the games. Instead, he ran himself silly in great circles. Also, he refused to trick-o-treat at other houses, insisting instead that he'd rather trick-or-treat at his own house.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

So how long do you think he'll be able to pull off this kind of look??

Funny how awfully this outfit would probably go over if he were fifteen or twenty.

The shirt -- compliments of Aunt Lucinda

The leggings -- Mama's crafty stab at the pricey BabyLegs that are so popular now. These are made from a pair of socks that cost a buck. I don't always fall for the latest fad, but I must say that leggings beat the pants off of pants when you have to change as many diapers as we do.

Notice that Little Bit is starting to model with a smile.

In other news...I made John take a picture of me doing something that I hope is part of an extraordinary moment in history. He voted early to dodge super long lines. I went for absentee so that I wouldn't have to worry about Freeman.