Friday, June 27, 2008

The Contortionist

Yesterday we had ultrasound images taken of Little Bit at 29 weeks 5 days. Here are our favorite shots.

In the video, the cursor points to the baby's mouth. Notice the cute grins. The 'wall' against which the baby's face seems to be smushed is actually his/her legs. Kiddo presently prefers hanging out jack knife style...that is, head down with feet and hands by his/her ears and face. Maybe we have an Olympian poised to dive out of the womb?

From the ultrasound images, we found it really hard to convince ourselves that this baby looks like anyone in particular. The images are all pretty fuzzy, and often times limbs or placenta or whatever blend together. Also, these kinds of images don't show hair all that well. We walked away feeling like we still don't know what this baby looks like, but we weren't bothered by that at all. Mostly we were thrilled to see such sweetness.

One thing we did see is that Little Bit has Big Brother Jack's feet.

We're very happy to report that Little Sibling appears to be healthy. Mama, Big Bro, and Daddy are all well, too.