Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

This post is a little late in coming, but ah well.

We spent Mother's Day Weekend in Louisville, where Papaw Basham and Sunshine live. Lola also joined us, as well as Uncle Tony, Aunt Katie, Aunt Melanie, Uncle Toby, and, of course, little Cousin Maddux who is anything but little now. Papaw Basham's genes have activated, and at a bit over age 3.5, Maddux is practically my height.

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jeff even drove in for the fun.

Instead of going to a restaurant for Mother's Day Brunch, we decided to do a fried chicken picnic at a park near downtown Louisville. The weather was great. We had a picnic table, some blankets, and a fine shade tree. Instead of being imprisoned in chairs through the meal, the boys could run themselves ragged on the playground. (as you can see, both Lola and Jack really did wear themselves out).

The grownups could sit around and talk without feeling rushed. I think it was the most relaxing get together we've had in a number of years.

Some of us got to relax even more after the picnic. We hit the pool and the hot tub at the hotel with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jeff...a very nice way to top things off. In a surprise move, Jack actually seemed to try to move his arms and legs in a swimming-type way...something he never did through all his weeks of swim lessons. Go figure.

Among us, we had approximately 1.4 billion megapixels worth of digital camera power, but unfortunately I don't think any of us took as many pictures as we meant to. I don't have a single one of Maddux, Melanie and Toby. And I've mostly got shots of Tony and Katie's feet. (See the picture of Jack playing with the Bicycle Man they gave him...Jack calls it 'Ride' and runs it up and down the driveway nearly every day.)

If any Aunts and Uncles out there remembered to snap away, do send pics and I'll post.

We also spent a fair bit of time at Papaw Basham and Sunshine's house. As you know, Jack loves to be outside (especially if there are hills to climb), and he loves to point out cars. His head nearly popped off when he reached the top of the hill by their place and discovered that he had a breath-taking view of traffic on I-65. He also enjoyed being walked by Papaw and Sunshine's brute of a dog, Rambo. (By the way, we took Jack for a walk yesterday and ended up trailing a woman and her dog for about a quarter mile. Jack thought it was funny to maniacally scream 'Doggy DoGGY DOGGEEEE!' at the the top of his lungs the whole time.)

All in all, it was a great vacation weekend. It was too short (somehow we were busy the whole time but we never made it to the Art Museum or the Science Center or the Filipino restaurant). Still it was nice.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Cherub Knieval

So the morning routine is:

We get up.

Jack says 'car' a few dozen times (especially when he has slept in his car-printed jammies), and he points brightly at the ceiling fan.

Mama strips Jack down, and he uses the potty in the master bath.

All the while, he plays with a toy car, reads a book, and/or indicates each of the individual cars on the jammies he has shed.

Mama cleans Jack up and then opens the bathroom door signaling that cleanup is done.

Jack HAULS NAKED @$$ to his room and leaps up onto his little tricycle thingy to impress any one who will watch him defy gravity.

What must it be like to be in that noggin of his??