Saturday, July 19, 2008

Geographer Jack

Dad writing here, for a change. Since Jack is only two and a half, we are never 100% sure what he knows and what he doesn't. However, we suspect that he knows more than he's letting on. What better way to get what you want, right? A few days ago, he surprised me with a little impromptu interactive geography lesson. The pictures below are of Jack (of course) with some foam houses I made for him. The houses aren't really as interesting as what they represent in terms of what he knows.....and what I don't.
When we got the blocks out, I asked Jack what he wanted to make. He said he wanted to make Carter's house. Carter is a little boy who lives next door in a white brick ranch-style home. So, I made Carter's house (which is in the top left of the picture) and then told Jack I would make Jack's house (shown in the top center). The next thing that happened is that Jack asked me to make "the brown house," which I took to mean the brown ranch-style house on the other side of our place. I built this house (shown on the bottom right) with some amazement since, as far as I can recall, he has never mentioned that house to me before.
Finally, just to see if he knew what I thought he knew, I built one more ranch house, shown on the bottom left and asked him whose house it was. He told me that it was Margie's house. Margie lives across the street and I was indeed trying to represent her house. Overcome with geographic emotion, I then started adding lots of detail. For example, it was I, not Jack, who cleverly parked the matchbox car in front of what would be our garage. I also put in lots of other round blocks to accurately portray the location of as many trees and shrubs as I could. Then, just to show me whose game this was supposed to be, Jack tore two contributions to my foam arboretum from the "ground" ..........and stuck them to his face (as above).

If there are any lessons to be had from our little reconstruction of the street's geography, they are:

1. Even at two, our kids have an inner world that is unknown to us and, as a result, know more than their parents realize.

2. No matter how hard we try to let them be themselves, we are still in danger of making a big fuss when our kids do things that remind us of ourselves (witness this entire post, for example).


4. See #2, above. Um, sorry about that.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little Bit Goes to the Beach

Daddy and Mama went back to the beach at Sanibel (the site of some of our all time favorite pics of Jack) to see if we could immortalize the belly that Mama is carrying around courtesy of Little Bit.

Scrolling through the dozens of pictures Daddy took (you gotta love digital SLR's so easy to click away until you get a good one), it might be time to start calling the new baby Big Bit.

This is us at a little over 31 weeks. I'm happy to say that we continue to be blessed with excellent health. We've experienced only mild to moderate levels of most of the normal pregnancy discomforts. A delivery that doesn't involve back labor would be icing on the cake.

I've started trying to picture life after Little Bit gets here. I imagine the first thing Big Brother Jack will say upon meeting his sibling is, "Noooo! I DON'T WANT it!" He's sweet like that. He's two like that.

Backtracking 5 - It Ain't All Sunshine

For two straight weeks preceding the trip to Illinois, we all endured the longest cold of Jack's life. It skirted the edge of croupy for only one night, thank goodness. The buckets of post-nasal drip were not fun. Jack has his mother's touchiness about nasal discomfort, but he doesn't get how to really blow his nose.

He spent nearly the whole two weeks with this face. Every twenty seconds or so, he would pathetically screech, "I wanna blowyournose!"

Near the end, though, he finally started finding his Zen again...

Backtracking 4 - Two Little Monkeys

This is as close to a focussed shot as I could get of the frenzy of movement that was the boys at play together. Jack knew the words to the song 'No More Monkeys' before our visit, but I would say that Maddux taught him the song's essence.

Backtracking 3 - Katie + Chalk + Boys = Aunt Katie Rules!

Katie and the boys went to town with the sidewalk chalk. A month later, Jack is still talking about it.

Maddux is pretty into letters and math. Jack's more of a random scribbler. Katie had talent enough to entertain all.

Backtracking 2 - Maddux is a Kissing Machine

Maddux likes to share the love...

Here's an oldie but a goodie. Maddux was almost Jack's age now when they first met. Hard to believe how much they've grown...

Backtracking 1 - Mel and Toby's Race Day

I've been meaning to post pics from our June trip to Illinois where we supported Aunt Melanie and Uncle Toby at their 5K. By 'support', I mean that Lola, Mama, Daddy, and the boys had bagels, cookies, and smoothies in an air-conditioned cafe while Mel and Toby endured the summer heat.

Both finished first in their age groups. Maddux was very proud that both his parents took home Piston Cups (aka trophies).

Hopefully Jack's Mama and Daddy will be in shape enough to participate in next year's race.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Big Muscles

Growth spurts are so strange to watch. This week he's been eating twice as much as normal and taking 3 hour naps. Every time we take him out of his crib, his limbs seem noticeably longer.

Of course, maybe some of those calories are being burned up by his incredible weight training regimen. See for yourself...