Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Again Jack!

We are all finally over the various ailments that assailed us, so Papaw and Mae Mae came over to more officially celebrate Jack's Big 3 point 0. Mama's addiction to Food Network shows in Jack's birthday cake, a tribute to his LOVE of monster trucks. The boy was well pleased, but hesitant to let us eat it. Eventually, though, he was happy to pull off a tire (in reality a Hostess DingDong) and chow down.

Happy Birthday, Big Jack! We love you, Kiddo!

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ann said...


You have the most talented mommy in the whole wide world! That, by far, is the coolest cake I have ever seen!
You see, not all mommies can make home made cakes.... I always was very proud of the ones I picked out at Publix or the occasional store box cake that I would make!
I can't wait to hug you and your little brother again!
Mike can't wait to get you on the sales floor of his dealership!
We love you and your brother and mommy and daddy very much!

Ann & Mike